Mothods of water filtration at home
Mothods of water filtration at home
Październik 5, 2018

Water filtering jugs – the best alternative to bottled water

Water filtering jugs - the best alternative to bottled water

Filtering jugs are an interesting alternative to bottled water. Thanks to them we can obtain clean, filtered water, which we will use for direct consumption, as well as for cooking or preparing tea or coffee. This type of jugs usually consist of three parts, which include: a container to which we pour tap water, a container in which there will be filtered water and a filter. Jugs are also equipped with various types of notifications to remind you to replace the used filter with a new one. It can be an indicator or LED lamp. The possibilities are various. The principle of operation of such jugs is very simple. We simply pour water into the top container for tap water. This container is equipped with a filter through which water flows into the lower container. There is no possibility of mixing with unfiltered water. Such filtering takes only a few minutes, after which we can enjoy clean water in our home.

After purchasing a new jug or replacing the old filter with a new one it is required to filter the water three times in accordance with the instructions provided. After this operation, subsequent filtering is already harmless for us and we can drink this water with no fear. The filter should be replaced after the period indicated on its packaging. Most often it is a calendar month or a specific amount of filtered water.

The Polish company Dafi has in its assortment both complete glass jugs filtering water ‘Crystal’, as well as cartridges designed for them. We can successfully choose from a wide range of colors. As a result, everyone can match the color of the jug to the color of their kitchen. They are very popular because they are a high quality alternative to commonly advertised filtering jugs from western brands.  Thus, we are dealing with a Polish product and a native company that has been producing filters for over 30 years. Both jugs and bottles are attested and do not contain harmful ingredients.

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