Water filtering jugs - the best alternative to bottled water
Water filtering jugs – the best alternative to bottled water
Październik 2, 2018
Dafi or Brita, which jug is better
Dafi or Brita, which jug is better?
Październik 11, 2018
Mothods of water filtration at home

We distinguish three the most popular ways to purify tap water in the comfort of your home. The first of them is a jug for filtering water. This is probably the simplest method of water purification, which practically everyone can afford. You will find jugs of various types and brands on the market. Their common feature is the ease of use. Although the opponents of this method argue that it allows one-time filtration of too little water, there is no indication that the filtering jugs would lose their popularity. Such a jug has a removable, mostly carbon filter, which stops harmful substances. This filter is replaced every few weeks.

The used filter can be easily disposed of in the trash because it is harmless to the environment. We can choose between western and Polish brands, among which Dafi is the leader. Its products are of excellent quality, and they are produced in Poland, which convinces many consumers. Water from such a jug is suitable for both consumption and for use in various types of household appliances such as irons or wireless kettles.

There are also special filters for coffee machines on the market. Customers choose the above filters, because their use affects the taste of coffee. The filters for coffee machines cause that the water has no odor and has a neutral taste, making it ideal for making a delicious coffee drink. Appropriate water quality also affects the lifetime of the coffee machine. The scale from unfiltered water can settle on the coffee machine and even cause it to fail. If we use filters, this will not happen.

The last method of home water filtering is the most advanced. Namely, it is reverse osmosis. To carry it out, a special device is necessary, which is installed under the sink in the kitchen. Water obtained from this device is of excellent quality, because membrane filtration removes a large amount of both mechanical impurities, dissolved compounds and harmful microorganisms. However, it must be remembered that in the case of osmosis, valuable elements from water are also used, which must be supplemented with a mineralizer.

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