Dafi or Brita, which jug is better
Dafi or Brita, which jug is better?
Październik 11, 2018
Does filtering water is good for your health
Does filtering water is good for your health?
Październik 29, 2018
How to filtering water at home

Currently, the condition of tap water is very bad. Although the water that is supplied to our homes by waterworks and is healthy to drink, its taste and even smell are inappropriate. This is due to the fact that it can be re-contaminated by iron compounds that enter the water from corroding pipes.

Hard water has also an adverse effect on our home appliances. It is worth to remember that a kettle or a coffee maker contaminated with scale breaks down  faster. Moreover, coffee and tea prepared in it, isn’t tasty.

Ways to have tasty and healthy water at home

How to filter water at home? There are many possibilities.

More and more people are deciding to buy bottled mineral water. However, this is one of the most expensive solutions that we can apply. Considering all meals prepared with bottled water, the demand is extremely high.

Other options for solving this problem involve the installation of special filters at home. We can choose mechanical water filters, carbon filters, as well as reverse osmosis filters and various types of water softeners, which effectively protect our devices from scale deposition.

The above filters thoroughly clean water and remove impurities. However, in the reverse osmosis filter, during water filtration, the elements and mineral salts necessary for our body are also eliminated. In such cases, we have to install the mineralizer, which will enrich the water with valuable micronutrients.

Water filter jugs

The purchase of a filtering jug becomes an increasingly popular and appreciated solution. It is a very functional device that effectively filters tap water and also protects kettles from scale. The filtered water is ideal for drinking. Choosing the right filter variants, it can also be enriched with magnesium. Dafi filtering jugs are gaining more and more followers due to efficiency – a liter of filtered water costs only 0.10 PLN. A wide range of filters and jugs allows customers to choose the product that meet their expectations.

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