How to filtering water at home
How to filtering water at home
Październik 22, 2018
Which water filter should I buy
Which water filter should I buy?
Październik 29, 2018

Does filtering water is good for your health?

Does filtering water is good for your health

Are you interested in the subject of health? Do you pay attention to what you eat, and carefully study the labels during shopping?

Do you pay attention to what you drink? Everyone knows about the great demand of our body for water, but are we wondering what we actually drink?

Tap water, according to research, is safe to drink, but it is worth remembering that it can be contaminated by the corrosive pipes in which it flows. Harmful iron compounds can get into the water.

The quality of filtered water

Many people who care about their health, started using different types of water filters, but is filtered water good and healthy? It all depends on the filter type and its properties.

We should remember that a significant part of the filters not only effectively purify water and remove all impurities, but also deprive water of valuable elements and mineral salts, which are necessary for our body. In this case, in order to the filtered water to be healthy and tasty, we should also take care of the mineralizer, which will enrich our water with valuable ingredients.

Filters that do not deprive  water of valuable microelements

Mineralizers are usually required when complex filters are used such as: reverse osmosis filters or when water softeners are applied. However, there are filters that purify water without depriving it of valuable elements.

In this case, it is worth to mention filters for filtering jugs. A wide range of products allows us to apply a filter with properties that will meet our expectations.

Water filtered by filtering jugs with a classic filter, are equivalent to bottled water. We can also use filters that additionally enrich water with valuable magnesium. The alkaline filters of the Polish manufacturer DAFI additionally supplement the tap water with sodium, calcium and potassium ions, and also mineralize water and raise its Ph.

Is filtered water of good quality? By choosing the right filter, we are able to effectively improve the quality of tap water. We no longer need to buy bottled water to enjoy healthy and tasty water.

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