Mothods of water filtration at home
Mothods of water filtration at home
Październik 5, 2018
How to filtering water at home
How to filtering water at home
Październik 22, 2018

Dafi or Brita, which jug is better?

Dafi or Brita, which jug is better

If we are lucky and live in a place where the sewerage is in good condition, we can drink tap water without a problem. However, most sewage systems that are installed directly in our blocks, tenements and houses are outdated and in poor technical condition. In such a situation, it is worth buying a water filter jug. A wide range of such jugs is available on the market.

So how do you select the suitable jug for you? Which brand should we choose and what criteria should be taken into account when buying? The principle of operation of all such devices is the same. Each jug has a filter that stops various types of harmful substances. The filter must be replaced once every four weeks. The filtered water is not only free from heavy metals, rust from pipes, chlorine or organic compounds. It is also much tastier and healthier for both adults and children.

When buying a jug, it is worth paying attention to a few things that will help us make the right decision. It is important that the size of a jug meet our needs and fulfill such a prosaic function as whether it will fit on the refrigerator door when we would like to drink cold water. Before buying, you should also check at what regular price filters are available. It may turn out that we will buy a jug on sale, and later its monthly exploitation will be much more expensive than the first purchase. The most often chosen filter brand is Dafi. It does not deviate from the quality of the broadly advertised Brita, and the customers appreciate the excellent availability of filters at good prices and the fact that all production takes place in Poland.

Dafi has in its offer various filter jugs, so that every customer successfully selects the jug which meet its needs, both in terms of capacity, appearance and properties. Moreover, it is also worth paying attention to the filter bottles produced by Dafi, which allow us to take freshly filtered water with us wherever we go. This is an excellent solution especially for people who are constantly moving, and do not want to buy bottled water for both economic and ecological reasons.



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